1. a person who has left their old thinking in order to settle in feminism, for political reasons.

FEMigré is a blog about women written by Vonny Leclerc. It tackles a wide range of subjects through a radical feminist perspective.

About me

I’m an Edinburgh-based writer, digital communications specialist and weekly columnist for The National. I’m former comedy editor at The Skinny and a regular UK media contributor. I write on gender, politics, cultural and social issues, and was recently shortlisted for 2016 Write to End Violence Against Women award for best commentary.

My feminism has evolved from liberal to radical. Intersectionality has always been and will always be important. Radical feminism does not undermine the freedom struggles of the groups within, but seeks to liberate all women from the brutal consequences of patriarchy.

As well as writing, I’m the Scotland rep for Nordic Model Now, and have recently joined a panel that advises on ending the commercial exploitation of women and girls.